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Certain woods are more suitable for kitchenware than others, we mostly work whit Swedish hardwood, which is a heavy and durable material. The slow-growing hardwood gives each product has its own character.

Oak is our darkest wood. We work with Swedish oak that has grown slowly and has character. Oak in the culinary tradition is nothing new and the wood is appreciated for its durability. One might say that oak is the gourmet's choice of wood.

Nordic Ash is one of our favorite woods. According to Nordic mythology the first humans where created out of two pieces of driftwood, Ash and Elm. Ash is a strong wood, for instance it is used to make bats. Our centuries-old Ash has a dark and irregular center that gives the otherwise light wood an intriguing pattern.

Beech withstands water very well and has historically been used to build boats and waterwheels. Beech is an odor- and tasteless wood without splinters and therefore used traditionally for cookware. Oiled beech has a warm red tone.